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Cherokee Links

Official Web Sites of the Cherokees

The Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah, Oklahoma

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Western North Carolina

United Keetoowah Band in Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Listing of Federally Recognized Tribes


History of the Cherokee People

The Cherokee Nation A good site

Native Americans in North Georgia a great site from Georgia

Native American land cessions in Georgia a good website about the land cessations.

The Cherokee "Trail of Tears" 1838-1839 History site

Trail of Tears on North Georgia's Excellent History Site!

Cherokee Treaties  produced by the Oklahoma State University Library

CHEROKEE HISTORY Part One CHEROKEE HISTORY Part Two good histories from a wonderful site

Important Dates in Cherokee History [The Cherokee Nation Home page]


Culture of the Cherokee People

The Cherokee Observer

Tsalagi (Cherokee) Literature

Cherokee Phoenix Newspaper from 1828

Cherokee Messenger (monthly newsletter of the Cherokee Cultural Society of Houston)

Paths to Cherokee Information & Resources some good, some bad, use your judgment

Cherokee Research Information information on genealogy and tribal registration.



Native A great web site for books and links

The Cherokee Companion is a computer program to learn the Cherokee Language


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