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History of the Bowlan Family

The Bowlans came from England and Ireland and settled in Virginia and Kentucky in the early history of the country and have since spread around most of the U.S. There are Branches in Arkansas, Alabama, Ohio, Mississippi, California and in the Northwest. I will be putting the history of the Bowlan Family up on this Web site. Feel free to add, correct and in general, help me build this site. If you are a Bowlan and can't figure out the links, drop us a line and we will try and help. I have always heard that if they spell it BOWLAN they are a relative. As long as it is not spelled BOWLAND. I have the genealogy of the family on another page.

This is my Grandfather and Grandmother, David Woods Bowlan (Papa) and Martha Lucinda Sizemore (Mother Bowlan). They were married in Winfield, Alabama in 1895. The people in the photograph are (left to right, top row) Sylvia, Willie, Daisy, Mother Bowlan, (second row) John Sandlin, (Sibbies husband) Sibbie, Etma, Edna, John (in Papa's lap). Jim (my father), in in the lower right. The others are Sibbie's girls and we do not know their names.

This is my mother and Father. They were married in Oklahoma in 1938. They came to California in 1939 (my mom's story about growing up in Oklahoma is on the site). They moved to Oregon in 1975. Dad passed away in 1999. They have 5 children, 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Their children are scattered about the west. Jim (the oldest) and Ronnie (his Wife) are in Washington, Jo (Second born) is in Oregon. John (third) and his wife Linda are in in their RV wandering aroung somewhere, their son John Jr. and his wife, Josephine, and their two kids are in California. Bill (me, the fourth) and my wife, Kathy, are in Washington State with our kids, Dave, Barb, Chris and Colleen. David (the youngest) is living with his wife, Cheryl, and their two kids, Hunter and Conner, in California. Check back, We have genealogy stuff up on this site. We trace it way back. If you have questions or comments or anything to add, please let me know. I can be reached at Thanks.


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